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Armscor/RIA ARMSCOR AMMO 7.62x51 NATO 147gr FMJ 20/bx 10/cs

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Want something to keep the barrel warm on your AR-10 or 308 Win hunting rifle? Check out this 7.62x51 ammo by Armscor! As M80 ball it’s pretty much the most basic kind of cartridge you could fire at the range.

This round has a simple FMJ bullet, with a copper alloy jacket that helps with reliable feeding and reduces barrel leading. Armscor’s bullet is hard enough to resist deformation during ignition, but as an FMJ it is not ideal for hunting applications because it cannot expand. Loaded to a muzzle velocity over double the speed of sound, however, it will inflict adequate damage to neutralize a threat.

This ammo is new production, with modern non-corrosive Boxer primers that don’t threaten rust or demand extra steps while cleaning. You may notice these rounds’ cases are gray around their shoulders – this kind of discoloration is the normal result of the factory annealing process, which makes brass more supple for improved performance. Armscor just skips polishing their military-grade ammo’s cases, but to be sure they have never before been fired.

7.62x51 is safe to fire in rifles chambered for 308 Win!

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